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The custom printed spandex shop.

This website is not your regular store, while we have premade designs, we also allow custom requests!

Perhaps you have an idea you'd like to see on a clothing item? Submissions are free and you can start creating immediately! If I like your idea, you could see it added to my store!

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If you really want something made, use the contact form after you make a sketch. Make sure to include the url you get after you press upload in the message so we know what one you made.

Models wanted:

I am looking for someone to model some of the clothing featured here so I can reduce the number of 'generated images' I use. If you are located in Durham Region, Ontario and can fit into a size large, please click the pretty green button below:

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Rainbow Flame Long Sleeves

Our clothing is not mass produced, these items are made on demand in USA, Mexico or Europe.