DBScorpion loves Spandex!


What’s with the black?

Tired of plain old black spandex? It’s like a funeral out there, colours are the way to go! I want you to stand out, not blend in!

Browse my shop, fall in love with something and get it shipped to you! Just remember to tell others where you got it!


Custom work

Don’t see anything you like?  Perhaps, you’d like something changed? Want something to match your other clothing? Maybe a custom designed item or wardrobe is what you seek?

Look no further, I do that too! I can take a sketch, a photo (or for the artistically defunct, a good description) and turn it into clothing for you! Just use the contact form and send me your ideas! For now, this service is free and is spare time based. If you wish to send a down payment ($20) to prioritize a design just for you, mention this is your message and we can arrange something.

About me

Say hello to a Canadian designer! I’m Colin (aka DerBen) and I love spandex, but I mean who doesn’t? The way it hugs the female body… jealous!  I am the clothing print designer, 3D artist, web design,  programmer and photo editor. I work my day job as well, so this is a free time venture. If you have any questions or comments feel free to give me a shout.

My Store

So after everything mentioned above, no I don’t manufacture the clothing as well. I outsource it, this gives me time to develop more designs and update the store. So we can say your item is designed in Canada, by a Canadian! The company I use has several locations worldwide, but most of the orders will most likely come from the US, but so many things do anyway. Anyone outside the country it ships from will most likely have to pay import duties. My sample order (quality control batch) of $130 CAD there was a $30 duty fee (2017), however the shipping fees are pretty low so it kind of evens out. Printing, sewing and shipping took 15 days to get to me, various parts of remote Canada, expect longer.