Custom Work

Hello there, I’m Colin, the designer of this site and it’s artworks. Many of my designs can be changed upon request, at no extra charge. Just ask if you have an idea that you’d like to see, I’m here to help! (Not all designs are easily modified due to complexity or details, the ‘Realistic¬†Fur‘ is one example.)

Free Modifications:
-Additions; Text and photos that I don’t have to edit. (like digital framed photos, coming soon)
-Colour changes; Choose your favorite colours or skintones for most items!

Cheap Custom Changes:
Does your photo needs editing? ($5 CAD per item):
-background removal
-object removal
-move something

Completely Unique Design:
Custom 2D/3D graphics or logo design. Comes in various choices:
-Your design idea, highest priority, no reselling, $15 CAD per half hour.
-Your design idea, no reselling, $10 CAD per half hour.
-I can resell the design, $5 CAD per half hour.
-I can resell it and I want to do it for free. Anyone can make a free request or offer up an idea.


Send me a message with your request. I recommend you check out the custom designer first.
Custom Designer
Sketch your own look and upload it to my server. Contact me with the URL you get when you upload it!
Add Funds
When we decide on how to proceed, you can add the amount requested to your order using this link.



-Contact me for custom work, otherwise you will receive exactly what you see on the screen when you order!
-These are all solid cloth printed items, items may be designed to simulate the look of cut away or ripped cloth.
-Let me know if you have an idea. I might like it too and in some cases I might even make it for free.